Holiday Hours: Monday 12/23/19 8am-4pm, closed 12/24/19 through and including 12/27/19, closed 1/1/2020.


Adult Medicine & Aesthetics, LLC was founded in April 2006 and began seeing its first patients in September 2006.

Mission Statement:

Adult Medicine & Aesthetics, LLC is an established micro-practice which provides a modern approach to adult primary care.  A micro-practice runs with minimal office staff and a high level of accountability.  In this small office, patients will be well known and be cared for by a familiar face.  All records are computerized and you, the patient, will be encouraged to keep copies of all laboratory work.

Same day appointments are almost always available for established patients.  We never double-book appointments and you will never wait long past the time of your scheduled appointment time.  New patients can frequently get scheduled within 1-4 weeks of calling the office.  We treat patients with opioid addiction as an emergency and appointments for these patients are scheduled as soon as possible.

Please ask us for copies of your laboratory and radiology reports if they are not given to you at your appointment.  Because we are a paperless office, we are more than happy to give these to you.  We encourage you to keep a folder at home with this information and to take this folder with you to any sub-specialists that you may see.  This helps us communicate with other physicians, reduces redundancy of tests, and saves all of us time and money.  We will always fax your records to your sub-specialist physicians.